Our Imaging department, considered the flagship of IMaH is among the most well equipped imaging centres in Sub-Saharan Africa. We provide a full range of diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic radiology investigations which include;

A 3TESLA MRI Scan 128 slice CT scan – which uses a very powerful magnet and radio waves to produce images of the body and head.

Computerised Tomography (CT) scan – which uses x-rays to produce detailed three-dimensional images of the body and head.

Digital X-Ray– which produces images of the bones and chest,

Digital Mammography – Breast mammography service is available

3D/4D Fluoroscopy

Ultrasonography – which uses sound waves to produce images of organs such as the liver and kidneys as well as muscles.

Interventional radiology – where x-ray images are used to guide the treatment of narrowed blood vessels and aortic aneurysms and to deliver certain cancer drugs without the need for major surgery.


The International Maritime Hospital (IMaH), a subsidiary of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, is a 130-bed ultramodern tertiary hospital, with state-of-the art medical facilities, located in Community three, Tema, Ghana.

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