Accident & Emergency

The Accident & Emergency Department of IMaH is staffed with medical personnel equipped with the knowledge and skills required to care for patients with very urgent healthcare needs. They have the capability to assess and treat a wide range of illnesses, and potentially life or limb threatening conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, fractures, asthma attacks, injuries resulting from road traffic accidents, pregnancy related emergencies and overdoses.


Diet Therapy

Diet therapy plays a vital role in health promotion; it focuses on the prevention of diseases and promotion of health through healthy nutrition, and the nutritional management plans for individuals and groups with different types of diseases which ranges from special therapeutic diets to enteral and parenteral nutrition.

IMaH has qualified and experienced dietician which provided patient-centred and evidence-based dietherapy. We provide;



 Clinical Chemistry                                                                     

  • 2 Hour Post Pran
  • Amylase
  • Biocarbonat
  • Calcium
  • Cardiac Profile
  • Chloride
  • CSF Biochemistry
  • Executive Renal Function Test (ERFT )
  • Fast Blood Glucose
  • Glycated Hemoglobin (HBA1C)
  • Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)
  • Lipid Profile
  • Liver Function Test (LFT)
  • Magnesium



IMaH provides General and Specialist consultancy and services for walk-in and referred medical cases for both peadiatrics and Adults in the areas of;

  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Interventional Neurology
  • Interventional Urology
  • Nephrology

IMaH’s renal centre provides a full range of care for people with kidney disease, in a pleasant and caring environment.


Obstetric & Gynecology

We provide all aspects of obstetric and midwifery care, before conception,  antenatal,  birth and after delivery (postnatal).

Are you pregnant and want to have your baby with us?

Our skilled team of midwives and doctors works hard to give you the care and support you need to have a safe and satisfying birth.



The Physiotherapy Unit of International Maritime Hospital (IMaH) is the main Rehabilitation Unit of the Hospital. It provides both in-patient and out-patient physiotherapy services.

Physiotherapy is a tertiary healthcare service provider; cases are therefore referred from various clinics of the hospital and from other outside facilities.



IMaH is designed for pharmacy services to be offered from three locations, namely Inpatient, Outpatient and VIP/Surgical Pharmacies.


  • Provide excellent clinical patient care in accordance with accepted best practices
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility over medication use
  • Maintain compliance with all pertinent regulatory requirements
  • Expand services in response to changing health care needs
  • Serve as drug information resource for IMaH clinical staff and clients


Radiology & Imaging

Our Imaging department, considered the flagship of IMaH is among the most well equipped imaging centres in Sub-Saharan Africa. We provide a full range of diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic radiology investigations which include;

A 3TESLA MRI Scan 128 slice CT scan – which uses a very powerful magnet and radio waves to produce images of the body and head.

Computerised Tomography (CT) scan – which uses x-rays to produce detailed three-dimensional images of the body and head.



IMaH provides Specialist consultancy and theatre services for surgical cases. We have five major Theatres to carry out;

General Surgeries

Neurological/ Orthopaedic surgeries

Obstetric Surgeries

Gyneacolocal Surgeries

Accident & Emergency Surgeries


Central Sterile Supplies

Our highly hygienic CSSD dedicated to bulk cleaning, packaging, and sterilization of all materials needed for surgical and medical purposes. Our CSSD is opened to other facilities. We work even on weekends.

Our department is open to other facilities, call us on 030-220-030


Proper handling of soiled, foul and infected linen at hospitals is important for controlling hospital acquired infection. Our laundry service is responsible for providing an adequate, clean and constant supply of linen. We do sorting, washing, extracting, drying, ironing, folding, mending and delivery.

Our department is open to other facilities, call us on 030-220-030

Medical Waste Management

Waste management are all the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. This includes collection, segregation, transport, treatment and disposal of the waste together with monitoring and regulation

The hospital has developed a waste management plan that describes measures to manage and mitigate all aspects of waste management, including the generation, handling, storage treatment and disposal of all forms of waste in the hospital is developed. The procedures for waste treatment and disposal as stated in the plan are as follows;


Medical Oxygen Production Centre

The medical gases production unit produces medical oxygen at (93% + – 3% purity) and medical air. The gases, including Nitrous oxide bought outside but banked in the unit are supplied and distributed to the various wards and theatres from the unit.

The O2 plant has the ability to fill Oxygen in bottles. An average of thirty bottles of various sizes can be filled in a day.

Biomedical & clinical Engineering

The Biomedical/Clinical Engineering unit plays an important role in the hospital beginning from procurement process and facilitates effective management of medical devices used in health care. It increases the life cycle of medical devices, optimizes spare parts and technical services ‘costs of medical devices in order to improve the qualities of health care


Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering unit

The unit takes charge of all maintenance and repairs of of the general infrastructure. This include the following;

  • Electrical installations and works
  • Civil works (plumbing, masonry, beautification of environment, etc.)
  • Mechanical works (kitchen equipment, pumps, extractors etc.)

Family Medicine

The Family Medicine Department at the International Maritime Hospital has dedicated primary care physicians that provide a high standard of patient and family-centred, comprehensive, coordinated and accessible healthcare across all ages, genders, diseases and parts of the body.

Family physicians have a broad as well as deep knowledge of medicine fundamentals and understand the family dynamics and community-based logistics that impact health and disease.

In the context of dignity and through enduring partnerships, we in IMaH help patients prevent, understand and manage illness, navigate the health system and set health goals, using best science to prioritize services.

The dedicated family physicians at IMaH will build trust by getting to know you and providing lifelong care for you and your family.



The International Maritime Hospital (IMaH), a subsidiary of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, is a 130-bed ultramodern tertiary hospital, with state-of-the art medical facilities, located in Community three, Tema, Ghana.

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