The Physiotherapy Unit of International Maritime Hospital (IMaH) is the main Rehabilitation Unit of the Hospital. It provides both in-patient and out-patient physiotherapy services.

Physiotherapy is a tertiary healthcare service provider; cases are therefore referred from various clinics of the hospital and from other outside facilities.

Therapeutic interventions are offered for the following range of conditions;

    • Paediatric conditions: e.g. delayed developmental milestone, cerebral palsy, clubbed foot, brachial plexus injuries etc.
    • Trauma and Orthopaedic conditions: e.g. spondylosis, osteoarthritis, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, calcaneal spurs, post- operative traumatic and orthopaedic cases etc.
    • General surgical conditions: e.g. post-surgery rehabilitation of all forms.
    • Obstetrics and Gynaecology: e.g. uterine prolapse, pelvic inflammation disease (PID), prenatal and postnatal physical therapy interventions etc.
    • Medical disabling conditions: e.g. Stroke, Parkinson, Ataxia etc.
    • Somatic pain management: e.g. neck pain, back pain, general muscle pain.

The Unit is well staffed and adequately equipped to international standards to provide virtually all Physiotherapeutic interventions. The Physiotherapy Unit has various sections which includes; the gymnasium, the electrotherapy, the paediatric and the hydrotherapy sections.

Some equipment available at the unit include; ultra-modern preprogramed Tens machines, Cervical and Lumbar Tractions machines, Shortwave Diathermy and Microwave Diathermy machines. The unit has a modernized Cryotherapy machine called Cryoflow and the Shockmaster machine which is used to break adhesions in muscles to relieve pain. Also, Laser and Ultrasound machines are available for pain management in localized, deep seated muscles. In addition to these, the unit has a well-equipped Gymnasium.

The unit is manned by seasoned professional therapists who are very competent and capable of attending to walk in clients. Here in IMaH, the physiotherapy unit operates on a system of appointment which ensures adequate contact time between therapist and patient, the necessary attention and complete care. This way, patient concerns of long waiting as envisaged in most facilities are efficiently addressed.

Furthermore, IMaH has a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians that enables cordial relationship between therapists and other clinicians. Inter clinic referrals within the hospital are efficiently holistic and beneficial to patient care.

Also, the level of staff empathy borne by experience has a calming effect on patients to the Physiotherapy Unit.

The working hours of the Physiotherapy Unit are;

    • 8am – 4pm
    • Mondays – Fridays
    • NB: Our services are not available on weekends and statutory public holidays.



The International Maritime Hospital (IMaH), a subsidiary of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, is a 130-bed ultramodern tertiary hospital, with state-of-the art medical facilities, located in Community three, Tema, Ghana.

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